Social Worker and Mental Health Counselor Internship

CARES has made cultivating the new generation of social workers/mental health providers its goal in order to provide the best service for underserved immigrant populations. For the past few years, we have successfully hosted graduate-level students from Columbia University, New York University, Fordham, Hunter College, and Yeshiva University. Our student interns each bring their diverse cultures and experiences into the clinical training and fieldwork. Our clinical supervisors (LCSWs) collaborate closely with field offices from different universities to ensure the placement meets the student’s learning needs and matches their future aspirations. Selected interns receive extensive training in behavioral techniques, as well as access to the clinic’s weekly seminars. They receive individual and group supervision from seasoned clinicians. Interns work directly with children of different ages and families providing behavioral therapy and/or mental health counseling services, depending on the family’s needs and students’ skillset. They also conduct psychosocial assessments to help families obtain eligibility and access services offered by NYS OPWDD and NYS OMH.

To obtain more information about the program and how to apply, you can contact
our Training Director, Dr. Sharon Shkedi at or 212-420-1970 ext 142

Meet our Current and Past Interns

Siumei Tse

Siumei Tse, MSW


Birthplace: Hong Kong, China
Education: Binghamton University, Fordham University MSW Program
Language: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Ms. Tse has developed a wealth of experience in medical coordinating and interpreting throughout her professional journey. She is passionate about improving positive communication and development among individuals and families. Her primary focus is to demonstrate empathy, resilience, and dedication to make a lasting impact on the lives of children and teenagers.

Xian Lin Xie

Xian Lin Xie, MSW

2023/2024 SW/MHC Internship

Birthplace: Shanghai, China
Education: CUNY Hunter College, Columbia University
Language: English, Mandarin

Ms. Xie works with diverse communities to enhance their quality of life. With years of experience in leadership and community services, she has a passion for creating positive change. Ms. Xie is interested in coming up with innovative methods to treat mental health issues in children to adults.

Jia Ning Wang

Jia Ning (Rosalina) Wang, MSW

2023/2024 SW/MHC Internship

Birthplace: Shanghai, China
Education: New York University, Columbia University
Language: Mandarin, English, Japanese, French (intermediate)

Ms. Wang developed her interest in becoming a social worker after completing an internship with Head Start. She is passionate about providing therapeutic services to children, adolescents, and families who are seeking support. As a multilingual clinician, Ms. Wang is eager to serve the Asian community.

Charlyn Pellerano, MSW

2022/2023 SW/MHC Internship

Birthplace: New York, New York
Education: CUNY Hunter College, Silberman School of Social Work
Language: English, Spanish

Ms. Pellerano’s areas of practice include clinical work with individuals, families, and groups. As a bilingual Latinx social worker, she serves children, adolescents, and their families with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Zitong (Zeno) Qiu, MSW

2022/2023 SW/MHC Internship

Birthplace: Jiangsu, China
Education: Columbia School of Social Work – Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice
Language: English, Mandarin

Ms. Qiu’s areas of practice include International Social Welfare and Services to Immigrants and Refugees. She uses her role and voice as a social worker to advocate for those who are underrepresented and marginalized in the community.

Jiahao Yang, M.S.Ed

2022/2023 SW/MHC Internship

Birthplace: Guangdong, China
Education: Fordham University Graduate School of Education – Mental Health Counseling
Language: English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Mr. Yang serves many members of the Asian community. He provides culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health services for children, families, and minority groups.

Yiqi Ni MSW

2021/2022 SW / MHC InternshiP

Birthplace: Liuzhou, China
Education: Columbia School of Social Work
Language: Mandarin, English, Japanese (beginner), Korean (beginner)

Yiqi is pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work and is working to advocate for members of marginalized groups.